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Cold Power FAQ

Cold water washing uses less energy*, reduces environmental impact and is gentler to your clothes. With outstanding cold water performance, Cold Power is the smart choice for your laundry.

* vs washing in warm water using electrical heating.

Cold Power’s formula is specifically developed to be effective even in cold water washes, providing you with bright whites and a brilliant clean.

Cold Power can be used at different temperatures with brilliant results in hot, warm and cold water.

Cold Power is a laundry detergent and can be used for a normal wash. For best results, please read the laundry advise on the product pack.

Please see the product label for dosage information.

NP stands for negligible Phosphorus and means that Cold Power contains no added phosphate.

The whole Cold Power range including Dual Caps, Liquids and Powders are suitable for both front & top loader washing machines.

All Cold Power container, bottles and cartons for Dual Caps, Liquids and Powders are recyclable. Please recycle into recycling bins per symbols on pack. 

Cold Power is not recommended for silk or woollens.

For people with sensitive skin, Cold Power Sensitive is available. Get bright whites and a brilliant clean while being gentle on skin. The dermatologically tested formula is specifically developed for cold water. With Almond Milk fragrance (contains Almond Oil).