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Successful soaking

Here are a few hints for successful soaking:

  • Dissolve the powder completely before adding clothes. This will avoid a blotchy finish
  • Always follow the garment manufacturer’s instructions for delicate fabrics and colours.
  • Separate colours and whites before soaking.
  • Test for colour fastness as some colours will run if left to soak for a while, even in plain water. Take particular care here with polyester viscose, woollens and silk.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach with Sard Wonder Stain Remover.
  • To avoid possible discolouration of the garments, do not soak leather, metal buttons or zippers for more than one hour.
  • Never soak part of a garment of fabric. Always soak the entire item for an even result.
  • Do not soak if the item is non-colour fast, multi-coloured, or features embroidery or transfers.


  • Cold Power Capsules
  • Cold Power Liquid
  • Cold Power Powder
  • Cold Power Capsules
  • Cold Power Liquid
  • Cold Power Powder

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